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The Farmer’s New Workhorse

It’s understandable that sometimes the Can-Am Defender HD10 is misunderstood.

It’s easy to call it a sharp and popular UTV, but it’s not just that. The specific design, specs and features were developed in close consultation with farmers and make the Can-Am Defender HD10 much more than a UTV. It is a tough and powerful workhorse for the farm and on the ranch, doing the rough, down-and-dirty and demanding stop-and-start work of modern day agriculture.

Maybe it’s the 976 cc, V-twin Rotax engine. With its four-wheel drive and rear differential lock, the Defender has ample traction (including in deep snow) getting more than enough power from its V-twin, 72 horsepower engine to power through tough conditions. 

Farmers are particularly impressed with the ability to better control low-end speeds because of Defender’s throttle-by-wire system. The Quick Response System enhances low-speed riding with smooth power delivery. Defender has four modes of traction: a two-wheel drive, a locked or open rear differential and an also locked or open four-wheel drive differential.

There has also been enthusiastic mention about Can-Am Defender 2,500-pound (1,134 kilograms) towing capacity, the 4,500-pound (2,014 kilogram) winch capacity and the 1,200-pound (544 kilogram) payload capacity. With both a front and rear hitch mount maneuvering a trailer or auger becomes much easier.

There is terrific farmer feedback about the Defender HD10’s cargo bed, with 1,000-pound (454 kilograms) capacity, it is loaded with innovative and practical features. The features include four tie-down points in the corners and four shallow recesses in the floor to better secure the farmer’s typical load of “5-gallon buckets”. Bags of seed, minerals for the cattle or a load of wood are all easily handled and save on taking the farm truck where it was never meant to go.

Added to the farm-workhorse performance of the Defender HD10, Can-Am’s consultation with farmers also helped create various work-enhancing features and options. Some options are Wall Extenders (hinged, for full or half-height settings) which fit into the cargo bed, extending extra height to the Defender’s cargo box sides. The top half of the extender can also be completely removed. Another ease-of-use feature is that the rear door of the extender can be locked open or removed. The Defender also offers a Headache Rack to protect the cab space from shifting cargo in the box.

There are several farmer-friendly features and innovations. For example, the bench seat with space for three passengers, arranged in a 40/20/40 configuration, and the seats folding-up to create additional floor space. 

The Defender’s “toolbox” is not only clever but functionally practical. Instead of a glove box, Can-Am has redesigned the space to hold a removable toolbox large enough to hold a handful of tools. 

Sometimes the work is just an evening drive to check the crops or enjoy some of the beautiful prairie days and outdoor activities. The ability to drive around your farm and not just past your farm on the roads makes this machine not only practical but something to appreciate on many levels.