Why advertise in FARMING FOR TOMORROW?

FARMING FOR TOMORROW is a well-known credible brand that farmers want to read because of its special content focusing on agricultural sustainability – a great context for advertisers. FARMING FOR TOMORROW reaches across the entire farm decision-making demographic to virtually all buyers and important buying influencers as well.

Are these farm decision-makers getting your advertising message? In today’s rapidly changing media world only FARMING FOR TOMORROW delivers them to you.

Here’s how you can benefit by advertising in FARMING FOR TOMORROW.

Numbers count
FARMING FOR TOMORROW reaches 90% of prairie farm operators.There’s no substitute for reaching more customers. When it comes to the proven effectiveness of print, only FARMING FOR TOMORROW offers the market coverage needed to increase sales. FFT gets your message to 102,923 qualified and audited farm operators in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia – three times the reach of other publications.
Cost efficiency
FARMING FOR TOMORROW offers the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) available. And, FFT’s complete single-source coverage of the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba editions) does the work of three publications.
Superior creative reproduction
and long-shelf life
Benefit by repeated advertisement exposure and superior glossy reproduction -- the advantages of our magazine format.
Editorial focused on
sustainable agriculture
FARMING FOR TOMORROW – “The Magazine of Sustainable Agriculture” – provides an ideal advertising environment. Regular features include: spotlight on successful farmers; “Those Wily Weeds”; “Where the Iron Hits the Dirt” – the latest advancements in machinery technology; “A Farmer’s Viewpoint” by Kevin Hursh;  “Our Prairie Climate” – what’s in store for agriculture; “Water for Farming” – the essential prairie resource.
FARMING FOR TOMORROW offers five Soil Zone breakouts in addition to three provincial editions.
I look forward to working with you to meet your marketing objectives.

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